Uriels Journal


Scott KI was born a middle class white boy in the San Fernando Valley, in sunny Southern California. It was there where life took the first 90 degree turn. We moved north to shit-hole city (aka Lancaster, California) by mandate and where I grew up until I joined the Air Force in 1982. From there the story marches on with another 90 degree turn that takes me to where I am today.

Biography of Me
A lot has happened over time and this life has been a major roller coaster. Take a look at the menu at the top of the page and see all the Burning Man related stuff. Yes, this has been a huge facet in my life. I found a home in this culture and have an active project in something called www.QueerBurners.Com; 5 years old. It is my attempt to build a community network in a beautiful existing community.

Pasilla Pepper RisottoI graduated from the Art Institute of Las Vegas in their very first Culinary program under a world top rated chef, so needless to say I can cook. I even have a web site that is just about my cooking www.PastrySt8.com. I originally did it for a strictly intrinsic value with no plan on making a career out of it, but I did work at the Venetian for 5 years cooking through most of it in the Pastry Shop.

Boxing PosterAlso, I decided to go back into school seeking another degree in support of what I wanted for a career; web design. I got my B.S. in Web Design and Interactive Media not long ago. I have a web site for that, too. It is www.art23design.com or StudioSK. It is in this area I have been struggling to define myself. I have always wanted to be an artist and am finally feeling a lot of inspiration.

It took a while but at some point I had to make a career decision and made a hard one. I decided to focus on my career in cooking; specifically pastry in the restaurant scene. I have a resume that  is really looking quite amazing and a skillset that is super. I still dream of having my own restaurant one of these days.

Muslin Kilt w/ Lined Pouch

The Future
It is unwritten, and there is a hell of a lot of it ahead but at least I am half way through it all. The first half has been a hell of a ride too. If I can get this far along – did all the shit I did already – I hope like crazy the next half will fucking rock!

The problems I have been having are not the sum of who I am, but the grit that makes me a little stronger and a lot stiffer. You fill in those blanks on your own. I am a puzzle worth sorting out.

Love Life (9/2014)

Still with C Monster and going strong. I am curious about where we end up going.