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I love going to the movies, but in the last couple of years there has not been a lot I wanted to go see. I am picky and frankly, the movie industry has not offered me very many choices.


  • Action Movies
  • Superheroes
  • Fantasy


  • Movies where people are chewed up
  • War movies
  • Sloppy sticky chick flicks

So, I am going to blather on about some of the movies from the past that I loved and remember. Some I have on DVD, but others I still would like to have.  Your opinion is welcome, but I really don’t care. Love it or lump it is what I say!

Iconic All Time Fav’s

  • Star Wars Movies: Always will be some of the greatest flicks… I even love The Clone Wars on Cartoon Network.  I do have to say, the biggest black mark on all of it is Jar Jar Binks. And, after having watched all things Star Wars although I love the series, the Jedi really are dicks. Not that the Syth are any nicer, but Jedi are dicks.
  • Star Trek Movies: Funny how cheesy some of those were, especially after seeing them long after they appears. The first movie is still amazing… but the recent revision of the whole storyline is highly encouraging. The second new movie kept the energy alive and I simply cannot wait for the third as well and any reboots coming. Rumore has it a Warf series is yet to come.
  • Super Hero Flix
    • Superman: Without a doubt my favorite super hero character of all, but he is not unlike the Arch Angel Micheal with all his goody-goodyness and naivety when it came to a persons ability to do something awful. George Reeves played Superman really well. Chris Reeves also brought a remarkable brilliance to the role. Then ‘that movie’ Superman Returns came into play with some really really really bad choices. They guy playing Superman was a good choice; it was the story that seriously sucks. DC is famous for creating more story lines than you can shake a stick at; example Superman and Lois are married in one story line while in the other they are competitors for stories for the Daily Planet… and more.
      • My biggest problem in Superman Returns was having ‘Christopher’, the son, who materialized in the comics about the time the movie came out. BUT!!!! Christopher arrived on Earth in a way no one could explain and because of his Kryptonian origin was adopted by Lois and Clark later to find out he was actually the son of General Zod. Blah blah blah… Christopher disappears and comes back an adult and becomes a super hero… whatever.
      • The new Superman going into casting could be really promising and I an excited for it.
    • Batman:The entire series was really good with one exception; which I think WE ALL KNOW ABOUT.
      • Michael Keaton was a shock for casting, but he did an amazing job
      • Val Kilmer should have never been cast as Batman
      • George Klooney – uh, no.
      • Christian Bale has brought so much life to this role! How do you get such a great actor to play this role, it’s like your favorite song.
    • Smallville: OMG I love this series and what they have done with this particular Superman story line.
      • When they introduced the Legion of Superheroes from a classic Superboy story I was thrilled and audibly squealed
      • The Justice Society appears recently too in a 2 hour special which was a thrill
      • Seeing Silver Banshee last year was a long over due treat
      • The Zod story line through last year was a good turn, but when are they bringing back Lex Luthor and where will the story go???
    • X-Men: Great casting all the way… even for X-Men 3. When I can watch and see ancillary characters that I recognize and see the cohesiveness of the story – I get a tiny orgasm. The way 3 finished was just awful, but there is a solution to that… I have the story all written in my head.
    • Wolverine: Great idea… shit story.
    • HULK
      • Hulk 1 was good with heavy CGI starring Eric Bana as Bruce Banner
      • Hulk 2 the reboot was even better and it starred Edward Norton
      • Hulk will appear in the Avengers movie, but played y someone new again???? Why?
    • WATCHMEN: I read the book right before the movie and this had to be the best adaptation of the movie anyone could have ever conceived. The early previews with the Smashing Pumpkin soundtrack gave me such a hard on for this flick. There were sooo many stories in the book, but they focused on every one of the best parts.
    • Fantastic Four: The first movie was unremarkable, but I enjoyed it. When I saw the Silver Surfer in #2 and they mentioned Shalla Bal I was thrilled… the second movie was awesome! BUT! This version of Galactus… no.
    • Iron Man: nothing to say but… awesome. I would kiss John Favreau for this alone.
    • Wonder Woman: David E. Kelly announced this week that he was looking at creating a television show.
    • Green Hornet: Coming out this Christmas.
    • Green Lantern: Coming soon
    • Thor: In editing
    • Avengers: awesome
    • Spider Man: Tobey McGuire did a good job until the 3rd movie where the entire cast stop giving a shit about the story. Tobey and (whats her name) basically said they did not care any more in an interview on Regis and Kelly… so screw them. However, the bad guys in 3 were so awesome (NOT including Franco’s retarded role in it).
      • Spider Man rebooted and casted! Can’t wait for that one to come out!
    • Hell Boy: If they make a 3rd movie I will watch it for sure. The first was awesome. The second was visually beautiful, but the story was horrid.
  • Godsford Park: This is one of my favorite moves to watch over and over. It helps I have it on DVD. It’s a period piece out of the U.K. that is just awesome; lots of names in it. Basically a whodunit in the 1920’s without Agatha Christy, but references to Charlie Chan… just references.
  • Harry Potter: I’ve liked all these a lot… plus Danial is extremely cute.
  • Jason Bourne: Great flicks… but that moving camera bullshit in 2 and 3 was sooooo annoying.
  • James Bond: In love with the entire series. All the movies were great and some better than others, but so far Danial Craig is a really good Bond. It bums me out they are trying to reboot the series since Casino Royal, but it’s not such a bad idea. I love they way they cast this series.
    • A View To A Kill: horrible story and flick with Grace Jones and what’s his name. Roger Moore as Bond
    • Quantom of Solace: another really badly written story. Danial Craig as Bond
    • Live and Let Die: Awesome and possibly the best Bond movie out of all of them. Roger Moore as Bond
    • View to a Kill: A great story, slightly cheesy, but I enjoyed it so much! Roger Moore as Bond
    • Die Another Day: Amazing story and well done. Pierce Brosnan as Bond
    • Casino Royale: Great story and good reboot of the series. Danial Craig as Bond
  • The Fifth Element: Awesome
  • The Big Lebowski: Awesome
  • Muriels Wedding: Best story; just a great flick with lots of ABBA

I am finding I could conceivable spend all day writing about the movies I like. Just from memory and from the DVD’s I own am I able to reference flicks I am talking about above. I’ll add more as time goes by!

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