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Tom the Dawg

Tom was born February 18th, 1999 and has been with me since he was only 2 years old. I found him at the Burbank, California – German Sheppard Rescue. In fact… he was the first dog I saw when I came in. It was pure fate.

The poor baby has been suffering from a couple of things medically and mentally for a while now… he has Glaucoma in his left eye and is about 90% blind in it. The eye should be removed, but I cannot afford it. It’s swollen significantly, but I try and give him these drops that should make it a little better.

Update 10/13/2013 – Tom left this earth today….  [more]

Update 9/2013 – Tom is an old man now and since has gone through a lot. 2 years ago I ended up leaving him with my mom. Since then he has totally bonded with my mom and step-dad and has pretty much either forgot me or is upset about me abandoning him. I could not go forward in life with the circumstances I had with him. He has since:

  • become very stiff in his hips to the point where he is in a lot of pain
  • both his eyes became severely infected and had to be surgically removed
  • has aged and is now 14 years old

I so miss having that dog in my life. When I went to visit him and my parents a couple months ago he acted like he did not know who I was. I know he went through a traumatic period in his life with me and my mom so it is no wonder he he who he is. Still an amazing dog.

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