Uriels Journal

Blah blah blah

Blah blah blah

Seriously, some of the shit that gets stuck in my head would boggle a lot of minds. Its been so messy up there and I am working on ways to get some focus back.

It’s all talk no action lately. Lately being the last 2 years. While I lament about the things that suck in my life I have lost all focus on the good things.

I need a time out. A reboot. Thought I had one but my job squeezed it out of my soul and spooled it. Argh!!!!

So what’s next. Idk.

I am looking at these things:

  • a period of fasting to reset some bad dietary habits
  • more exercise
  • That does not even include my business goals that have been floundering. Hmph… Off to work.

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