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I started my involvement with the Burning Man culture in the end of 2008 with the Las Vegas Community at their Decompression. It made an immediate impact on me. I got heavily involved and made this thing a huge part of my life. There was a point when it took over.

My Burning Man related Posts

At the end of 2008/beginning of 2009 I sought to network gay burners and it turned into a huge project I have been managing for a long time. Those project start at the top of the umbrella called QueerBurners[dot]Com.

Burning Man 2015 w/ Sun Guardians

The theme camp this year is coming on so nicely! We are 2/3 reserved now and some have paid their camp fees already which is a lot of help in getting ready for everything. If you want to see more go to www.SunGuardians.net Related posts: Well well well… City Map…

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2014 Back from the Burn

My Burn this year was kind of a breaking point for me where I think I had a chance to do better but I kinda fell apart. I went sick… sicker than I thought… with bronchitis brought on by mold in the house I was living in. When I got…

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2014: Caravansary

Meh… could be cool but I think a lot of people will basically not get it. Seems kind of on the same level as Evolution. It was a decent theme idea but not a lot of effort into making it really scream. There were a few Flinstone cars running around……

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2013 Cargo Cult Trip Report

Another year passed and I would have to say this was my finest; with the exception of my first year. One could point out my last two years were so awful, but for that I only have myself to blame. I did threaten fate, as it were, by swearing I…

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Well well well…

It’s been a long ass time since I made an entry on this section of my site. I have been busy making plans if nothing else… getting things ready and so forth for Sun Guardians (Facebook / Web Site). Yes, I am bringing my own theme camp this year. This…

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Burning Man Out

I have seen it in other people and I see people bounce back from it with a variety of results. I think I am feeling really done in by this thing and I am struggling to get a grip on it. I struggled to be part of the Burning Man…

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Repost from: Queer Burners Trip Report

While this site continues to be a launching platform for Queer and Queer Adjacent members of the Burner Culture it also has an intent to keep the 10 Principles alive in our day to day living. Whether you also include the 10 commandments, Buddhist beliefs, Kaballah, Torah, or whatever the…

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What next?

It’s occurred to me that my life at Burning Man may well be finished. This year the organization did such a horrible job taking care of their own I might finally have been benched. I worked hard, loved hard, tried hard to be an advocate but since I joined this…

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On a more positive note…

The Fertile Desert from roy two thousand on Vimeo. One of the best Burning Man videos I have seen… Related posts: Video: Scenic Boys 2010

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Months Later: What?

Been weeks since I let go of some things and as much as I tried to keep a positive attitude over Burning Man’s ticket fuck up I am finding I just can’t. The Lottery was a big FUCK YOU  to the general Burner population and a lot of people are…

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