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Fertility 2.0: Dumbest theme ever

Fertility 2.0I wrote about my year in the form of a trip report on my personal burn blog from the re-posting on queer burners. It was another challenging year and when I left I still left full of idealism and literally re-charged for what could be.

We did the “Area 69” camp again and this time it was a solid gold disaster. It came unraveled slowly from day 1 with drama like you would not believe. In the previous year my sister was the center of the storm, but this year it was my bestie out of Vegas.

I was forced to as my bestie from San Francisco to leave our camp; not that I can blame the others for the position we were in but still. It was hard and JJ understood anyway.

I broke up a domestic physical abuse situation and got the partner of the 2nd guy some distance from his partner and a ride back to Washington; now none of the people involved are talking to me as if it was my fault. Which fucking sucks ass.

There were tremendous highs and lows out there and I came home excited about the possibilities for 2013 – If we don’t all get swallowed by the Aztec sun Dec 21st.

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