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Cargo Cult: Aug 25 to Sep 2

cargo-cult-ticketsThis was my best year since my first year at Burning Man. This is also the end of a year where I feel I had to justify my involvement with this community to a lot of people. This is 6 years of participation and leadership.

I joined the Burning Man community during the Las Vegas version of Decompression, I think was called Soupstock in Kingman Wash in the state of Arizona which was on the back side of Lake Meade across from Nevada. I arrived on scene feeling really out of place and weary because the group had a reputation of heterosexual swinging and wild sex parties. Alas, this turned out to be the most amazing group of people I could ever cream of.

I wrote about my 2013 Burning Man experience:

For those who do not know the QueerBurners.Com site is one of my major projects now 5 years old designed to network and get the LGBTQ population of Burning Man participants better communicating and sharing.  On the other hand, Sun Guardians.Com is another project of mine where I brought my first theme camp to the playa.

My Burn

If you read last year’s notes about my burn I talked about a lot of things I was upset about, but a year later it was hard to read because I feel like I beat up on people I love a lot. It was a disaster, but this year was pure heaven.

I managed to bring a theme camp exactly as it was designed to the playa with the help of some amazing people. I was broke, unemployed, and really unsure about a lot of things and yet so much happened that went so far beyond my dreams I am hoping that my no-luck streak is finally dissipated.

I did a lot of freaking thinking out there!!!! So I am working on making some new ways of thinking which I also hope will eliminate the cloud over my head for the last couple years.

Biggest blessing was seeing so many people I do not get to see often; mostly people from Las Vegas and SoCal.

An amazing camp with camp mates that made my heart swell; amazing neighbors, amazing weather.

Bottom line, I loved the way this year ended and I feel incredibly blessed. I am thrilled that my boyfriend says he is going with me next year. Seeing my old camp mates was a blessing. Meeting so many new and old friends made my life and my soul brighter.

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