Uriels Journal


38935588.0b0d6acb.640I was ready to give up on Burning Man after this year and after this decided to do it one more time. I decided to do it bigger and better and somehow make it work again. And then I got super excited and inspired and decided that 2016 was going to happen once again. Sigh.

The people I did it with were the real inspirations and the real machines that made it happen. I suspect that I am going to get some people back for next year but at the same time might lose time people I really grew to appreciate it. My camp was called Sun Guardians and we have a web page and a facebook group.

I wrote a trip report on a web site I manage called Queer Burners [dot] Com.

Yes, I manage that network and am still looking for people to help me with it.

But back to my Burning Man story. I have a blog section just about that kind of stuff on here. I thought about merging the two, but I am seriously thinking my time for burning man is nearing it’s completion. At least in the form I had participated.

Who knows where I will be in a few months. Mentally I am exhausted and am asking myself if Burning Man is worth it anymore. There is a part of me that says yes. But there is others that are still in recovery.