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Burning Man & Me

It all began for me in September 2008 when my gal pal Michelle Curiel (aka www.latinabarbie.com) posted her pictures from Burning Man on Facebook. I was entranced! She encouraged me to check it out. To see my jouney into Burning Man 1st year to current click here.


Burning Man for me was such a mystery to be revealed over time and it became this great huge onion waiting to be peeled. Imagine being introduced to this culture a month after the major event, then having to wait 12 months for my premier on the playa.

this is a favorite vid from 2009 I found on YouTube

I became involved with the Las Vegas Burner community on their 2008 Decompression and was embraced from the start. I connected to the right people and gradually became a part of the family. It took a while. But what it also took was taking the time to be involved. It took making the true sense of community by applying and involving myself.

I overcame a lot of preconceived notions. I overcame a lot of personal fears with women. I learned I could be whomever I am without judgment or condemnation. It was a freedom that I never really exercised before in spite of a fairly liberal upbringing.

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