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I have had a strong creative streak running through me all my life. I was really one of the queerest kids on the planet which seems to have led to being an adult of some strangeness. Now, when I use the word queerUriel in Ecstacy by Scott, it’s not in the faggy sense but more of the stripes and polka dots sense.

I have been working with design and art since I was a kid. I cannot say that my creativity was ever really encouraged by my parents, but neither was it limited by them as well. Being that my father was an artist, and a fairly successful one at that, one might think that that might be encouraged in me.

There was no guidance in my life and when I was a kid I was pretty wild. There is a lot to that story, too, but it is too much to put on this site. Essentially, the only people that tried putting structure around me in my life was more my step-fathers than anyone else. Now I think about it, at least they tried.

The earliest to present forms of creativity include [see more]:

  • Fiction writing for prose and screen
  • Web Design since the earliest stages of the web
  • Graphic Design
  • Pencil Drawing
  • Sewing clothing
  • Installation Art Sculpture

In 2009 to 2010 I found a new channel and new inspiration for art called Installation Art. Wishing I had taken my degree in Fine Art instead, I am attempting to build my portfolio. I took up sewing too.

2010: Burning Man and MONOTROPOLIS

Above is my first entry at Burning Man in 2009, an homage to Stanley Kubrick, from the movie “2001: A Space Odyssey”. It was so cool, because as I was putting it up a young couple came over because they recognized where it came from. It made my heart smile.

Final Passage art project

Above is my piece planned for Burning Man 2011, one of a couple pieces, that I am working on turning into reality. It will be a 22 ft feature with pyrogenics called”Final Passage”. It is, in essence, The Tree of Life meets the River Styx. I am so excited to take this project on!

To see my work go to www.art23design.com.

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