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Good Morning Las Vegas

Good Morning Las Vegas

Fuck you.

Fuck you and the donkey you rode in on.

Nevermind… so  woke up this morning  with this as my facebook thing: “…is feeling renewed and blessed… for some reason. Maybe I’m going all Brittney bi-polar goofy nut. It was bound to happen.” I did really wake up feeling really positive and energized this morning.

It really was a good day over all, but through the evening I just kinda started crashing and feeling a little shitzky. Today was a day to get back on track with a few things and finish up some of my other projects. I am also doing a lot of thinking about where I am right now as well as where I need to be in the coming months.

Things have not been working they way they are supposed to be working. I should have a job right now and I shold be working and earning some money. But none of that is coming my way. Today the news reported the unemployment numbers when up another 1/2 percent. Vegas is dying.

I am looking for new directions and new distinations, but not fully wrapped around any ideas. I think about Austin, Reno, and San Francisco a lot. Delaware is a good place, I am told, but I am not sure where the world is calling me to.

Last night was a good night with friends, who are moving soon to Houston. We floated around the pool til eleven at night… my goodness what a day it was. It was so pleasant just being there with people I enjoyed… no attitudes no b.s. and plenty of naked swimming… nice.

Today started off very practical with some house cleaning, fresh sheets for the bed, and some business with a potential new client. Then it was off for errands and I came home a little crashed out. So, my energy was a little wobbly for the rest of the evening. I got frustrated while sewing unlike I usually did, but finally gave in just a few minutes ago.

No, this entry is not saying a lot.

Nope, don;t care. So – fuck you.

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