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My Wish List


So I have the Amazon.Com Wishlist and I am thinking about that. Why, because there are some things I want to do and they are on Amazon of all things! So why not put it out there and see what comes back?WP_20141025_003[1]

So I want to produce a couple kinds of foods that I have been fascinated with: cheese and pickled foods. In some cases these things can be eaten together… yum… but cheese is really my seducer! This is the only cheese book I have been able to find.

Anne Rice "Prince Lestat"At Barnes and Noble the book was $50… but I just saw it on Amazon for $26.. As I sit here debating whether or not to buy it now or hold off like a responsible adult (who? what?).

Anne Rice has come out with another book in the Vampire Chronicles (Also on my Amazon Wish List)

Well, the holidays are coming and there are some other things that are on the horizon that could make handy gifts as well. I have a lot of goals and gift certificates or online things can really help:

  • Education: Plan to take sewing classes and welding classes
  • Needs clothes: H&M is a good place… hell I will take Target

kcs_73dc87bdIf I can think of anything else I will add to this over time. In no way I am expecting anything, but this year also marks my 50th Birthday – Dec 29th. Hopefully that will blossom into something amazing, too.

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