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my mind

my mind

I don’t talk about certain things very often. Seems when I do it goes against the grain of the flow of the universe. Count this one up as one of my stranger entries.

1001711_217409428414080_1896676735_nEven my witchy friends don’t quite know how to wrap their heads around some if my shit. I swear nature tells me they should be the first ones on board my occasional crazy train but they’re not.

I am being vague on purpose. The purpose was mentioned in the first paragraph.

The world I live in is very different than yours. The solidness of air, the tingle of ambient energy, the radiance of a life force. I see into the souls of those who cannot see themselves.

Keep in mind my thoughts work in metaphors and pictures. I accept the world around me on the same premise.

It frees me to see it differently. I feel intense joy and in the secular world intense anger and resentment. Peace is hardly an option except when far removed from it all.

brainGood examples of this are several; Burning Man, Faery land (Radical Faery not mythical; though given the time of this entry I am sure it needed to be clarified), and just about anytime I can completely escape the digital leash.

There is a powerful vein of metaphysical energy in the world humans do not respect or honor. It can be a magical thing.

A radical faery I know once said that all humans have magic on them. I told him that simply was not true. Can’t say I know that for certain. But what I do know is seriously fucked up.

Now who sounds crazy now; yep, still me. Not sure why I needed to spill this now. Vague vernal vomit.

Wish I could just say it. But… Just flushing it out.

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