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This is my life. This is a series of photographs in sections. EACH INDIVIDUAL GALLERY works separately. There is not a lot of commentary on them but enjoy this page of pictures!
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2014 Burning Man


I wrote about this year in several places: on this site | my Burner blog | Queer Burners.Com | SunGuardians.Net

2014 Spiritual Gathering for Radical Faeries @ Wolf Creek, OR

 2013 Burning Man

2012 Santa Con

 2012 Burning Man

 2012 World Naked Bike Ride

 2011 May: Moving to San Francisco

2011 April: Lake Meade with the boys

 2011 Santa Rampage in Vegas

 2011 January : Winterfest

 2010 Burning Man

 2010 January: Winterfest

2009 November: Camp out in Joshua Tree

 2009 Burning Man

2009 June: element-11 in Salt Lake City

2009 May: Toast in Arizona

 2009 April: Dark Skies

 2009 March: Greenstock at Lake Mead

2008 November: Tecopa Hot Springs with Perry & Alex

2008 June: Bahamas

2007 Moving to Oregon?

2002 Bali

2002 Bangkok