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Post #3: what just happen?

Post #3: what just happen?

It appears I was offered a job today, but there was a problem. They need me to have my own laptop. Ugh… it seems like an interesting company and I am looking forward to working with these guys. It is a temp to hire position on the other side of town.

That’s good news, not cast in stone yet though. The hiring manager is going to get back to me and ask if I this is a deal breaker. I felt really good at the interview yesterday, I think it helped it was an hour after my session with my therapist. Maybe I should see therapist then go to appointments.

I was nervous a bit… but felt confident actually talking to someone about something I knew. yey…

…I’ll update more on this later.

One thought on “Post #3: what just happen?

  1. Scott

    Turns out they want me for the job afterall. Someone might loan me a laptop to use temporarily. Now I have to figure out the rest.

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