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stupid schtuff

stupid schtuff

my outlet for expression has been on mySpace.com/[redacted] for the most part in recent weeks. it may even be considered an obsession. but, i ever since i started on mySpace i have been meeting and acquainting with some seriously interesting people. mind you…. i only get to know these people so deeply, but it’s been nice.

today i was exchanging information on a couple of subjects like gay rights and relationships when i came to some revelations about where i am with Adolfo… as much as i love him i am back to the point wherein i feel concerned about our ability to stay together in the long term. it’s been turbulent. it may have become a relationship of convenience…even though we love each other but i do not think we are in-love with each other.

i am pretty sure i burned that bridge at some point… i would have to ask him and i would rather avoid that conversation for now. do i wait so long that my prospects for someone else fade completely?

alas… time will tell and nothing is carved in stone right now. our issues will continue to be played out here on this site even as it changes and takes new shapes!

xo for now

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