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words can heal

words can heal

So, tonight I had a nice conversation with buddy David who is staying with me temporarily. I asked a stupid question that started the dialog, but he gave me some insight and time to meditate on a challenge he presented me with.

See, I have been out of work (without a JOB) for quite a while and there are a lot of issues revolving around me really eroding my self confidence and my ability to focus. I am essentially drifting without a solid purpose.

My Burning Man activities have given me a sense of purpose, providing me something tangible to focus on. Career wise, I am still feeling really unable to rely on the education from the Art Institute to get me moving in my career. Do I blame them for graduating me without the needed skills? Do I blame myself for not obtaining those skills before departing?

Know me, my self confidence is in the dirt right now. Stagnant, I am unmotivated and drowning in my own self-pity. But David has inspired me and is giving me a chance to start considering a new journey.

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