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Working it

Working it

Just thinking ahead for my plans this year. Although I find it hard to forge time for this blog/diary but it’s a matter of forging what is needed.

Deadline #1 is March 31st / April 1st where we need to decide where we are going. That means C Monster and me. Stay in San Francisco or move on? Stay together or move on? Career? Yes, time for change.

Deadline #2 is September 1st which is my new year anyway. But I will be back from Burning Man which should be my last.

So….those are too big ones. Goals on the other hand are different.

Goal #1 started in the first week of January getting some big bills repaired. This includes my student loans and taxes and so forth.

Goal #2 is taking shape. I owe a lot of people a lot of money and I simply cannot afford to pay people back. Holding me back partially is not being able to pay decent amounts. But…some thing is better than nothing right. So I started collecting mailing addresses and email to set up in my online bill pay.

Goal #3

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